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Morocco Noor Phase II Project wins the award of National High Quality Engineering-Gold

2019-11-6 18:08:47

Recently, SEPCOIII Morocco Noor Phase II 200MW CSP Project, after fierce competition through many electric power projects, success in high honors passed the pre-qualification, combined evaluation, combined president procedures, finally wins the award of National High Quality Engineering-Gold. It becomes the first CSP project that wins this award in domestic and overseas, and it is also the only overseas project that wins this award in 2019 year.

Morocco Noor Phase II CSP Project is the world’s largest parabolic trough CSP power plant with single capacity of 200MW which has 650,000 reflectors, add up to 1800,000 ㎡ in total, and 270,000 m solar collector tubes to concentrate solar in favor of generation. The project could produce 0.5 billion KWh green and clean power for Morocco grid.

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