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Saudi Riyadh PP14 Project wins the highest "Five-Star" grade by SEC

2019-10-31 16:46:42

From October 27 to 30, 2019, the ISD Department of SEC headquarters conducted the 4-day externalaudit on the Five-Star safety management system for SEPCOIII Saudi Riyadh PP14 Project. After detailed on-site inspection and management system review by the SEC ISD audit team, the project finally won the highest "Five-Star" grade, and became the first star project in SEC history that obtained the"Five-Star" safety grade.

The SEC Five-Star safety management system represents the highest safety standard in the Middle East except for the Aramco projects. The system mainly covers the 5 main parts of the project safety management, with a total of 73 items. It includes extremely strict requirements on the safety control of the whole process during project execution. The project wins the "Five-Star"safety grade is another breakthrough achievement that after winning the “30million Safe Man-hour Outstanding Contribution Award" on October 2. These fully shows SEPCOIII’s international project management system and ability to the owner, and also promotes SEPCOIII gets further development in MENA market. 

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