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SEPCOIII organizes the 5th international yoga day event successfully

2019-6-24 9:24:41

On June 21, 2019, the 5th international yoga day event was held successfully in Qingdao University. It issponsored by the Embassy of India and organized by SEPCOIII. Mr. Rajesh Parihar, the First Secretary, Economic and Commerce Wing of the Embassy of India, Mr. Sanjeev Kaler, the yoga expert and more than 200 yoga enthusiasts attended the activity.   

Since 2005 year, SEPCOIII has been constructed 7 power plants in India with EPC mode. It includes 6 completed construction projects and 1 under construction project with installation capacity over 11170MW. SEPCOIII has been achieved the regional development and become the biggest foreign EPC contractor in India. Meanwhile, SEPCOIII always upholds the localization strategy and provides more than 40000 work opportunities for local people to promote economic development and show Chinese company brand image.

SEPCOIII’s excellent achievements in India and has the good cooperation with the Embassy of India to promote SEPCOIII organizes this event successfully. Mr. Rajesh Parihar, extended his heartfelt gratitude to SEPCOIII for our support in organizing the event.

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