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The world’s biggest oil-fired power plant under construction unit 3 completes synchronization successfully

2019-6-6 16:11:58

Saudi Yanbu Phase III Project is the biggest oil-fired power plant under construction in the world. On June 6, 2019, the unit 3 completed synchronization successfully. All the equipment are operated smoothly with excellent parameters &  various systems.

This project is the important livelihood & political project. This project gets the highly attention from Saudi government and social sectors. It has the vital strategy significance for SEPCOIII improving brand image. During the construction period, SEPCOIII uses the international quality & safety management system and strong EPC industrial chain to guarantee the project efficiency progress. Meanwhile, this project provides more than 13,000 work opportunities for more than 10 countries that along The Belt and Road, and also helps Saudi government to achieve Saudi Vision 2030.

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