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【Media】Morocco SNRT TV, 2M TV report SEPCOIII projects in Morocco

2019-5-31 15:19:42

Morocco is the French-speaking state and has the special geographic location which links Asia, Africa and Europe. The electric power construction market of Morocco adopts European and American standards. SEPCOIII has been constructed Morocco Jerada 1×350MW Coal Fired Power Plant and Noor Phase II&III Power Plant in EPC model since 2013, and it marks that SEPCOIII has been entering into the French-speaking states electric market. During the construction period, SEPCOIII still insists the theory of “An excellent project execution makes a monument indeed, makes friends in need and extends markets in future” and has been become the biggest power plant EPC contractor in Morocco electric power construction market, and won the sufficient respect & trust from owner. 

Recently, Morocco biggest Arabic TV SNRT and national TV 2M reported series news of Jerada and Noor projects.   


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