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SEPCOIII has the most professional EPCO control ability and abundant construction resources to provide customers with the package service: power plant project investment and financing, feasibility study, site exploration, project planning, design, procurement, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance, after-sales, especially in the aspects of overall design optimization, complete sets of equipment, reduce the cost and improve the technical performance of the unit, the company has obvious advantage.

SEPCOIII integrates global procurement and financing resource with renowned enterprises (providers&financing institutes) via a strategic partnership, as GE, B&V, Siemens and Bank of China , via a close cooperation relationship with EIBC, CDB and Sinosure.

With practices accumulation, SEPCOIII executes internationalized management system, which covers organization structure and EPCO operation chains, and develops a unique intensive EPC project management model. Adopting advanced network facilities and technology, SEPCOIII develops and runs global business by way of its wide area information platform, which the headquarters as hub. Information system was innovated on Independent R&D base, including EPC project warning system, international power plant EPC project equipment management system, cost control system, experience feedback system, so that all aspects of EPC information and resource will be shared comprehensively and all parties concerned will be work together collaboratively.

SEPCOIII has developed plant construction and operation simulation training system; auto sequence control start-stop technology, i.e. "a key start-stop" technology, which was adopted in overseas projects like Rabigh Project in Saudi Arab, as groundbreaking case on power plant automation and intelligent start-up. The headquarter realize the online monitoring and remote diagnosis by the establishment of after-sale service network platform and SIS / MIS system, which provides remote support for the power plant operation.



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